Badges of Honour: The Blue Plaque

Blue Plaque Palace Gardens Terrace

Last year, The Telegraph explored perceptions of whether the blue plaque markers to commemorate the residences of notable historical figures could influence house prices (and purchases).  At the time, Harrods Estates had a property for sale with one such plaque present to mark it as a former residence of Sir Alfred Hitchcock. 

This month, The Times has also explored the concept, reminding us that the scheme has been running for 150 years now with approximately 900 plaques in place today, overseen by English Heritage.  – Interestingly, the plaques are no longer all blue.

Identifying several noteworthy plaques, The Times also shared another Harrods Estates instruction with such a plaque, this time the former residence of author and painter Percy Wyndham Lewis, at this property in Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington.

Fully refurbished it provides four bedrooms and amply entertainment space with three metre high ceilings.

As it the case with many of these properties, the interiors can change as frequently as their owners, however the external plaques can retain and exhibit a unique characterful feature.

Harrods Estates Director, Shirley Humphrey shared her thoughts on their impact on potential purchaser interest, by commenting: ‘'We have certainly had viewers swayed by the fact that someone well-known once lived in a house, and that being the final decision in their decision to buy.  A blue plaque can also make a great springboard for an agent showing a property to engage the attention of the people viewing it.”

For more details on Palace Gardens Terrace, please contact Kensington Sales Manager, nicholas.shaw@harrodsestates.com



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