Interior Tips: Printed Cushions

Interior Trends: Cushy Numbers

The latest edition of the Harrods Estates Magazine features a host of interior trends, including advising to try approaching textiles from a bolder angle.  It is far easier to revamp your accessories, than your main furniture, so use things like soft furnishings and cushions to show off your personality to best effect.  Explore the new trend for madly patterned cushions...

Planning Your Move Guide

Moving Day Tips

During the excitement of purchasing your next home, it’s easy to overlook some of the finer points of the move, but thinking these through in advance and getting prepared will really help to ensure that your moving in day goes smoothly.   For example did you think to check if your contents insurance covers you for moving day?  Not all do,...

Interior Design - Study

Creating Studious Habitats

With students about to return back to school, we thought we’d review some stylish home-study designs that comfortably aid both concentration and organisation. At Queensbury Place, (pictured above) they’ve opted for a neutral décor with light-wood flooring and contrasting dark bookshelves and writing desk.  The orderly look is enhanced with geometric print wallpaper and contrasting snow-white armchairs.  - Get the...

Mayfair Hotspot

Finding the Next Property Hot Spot - Part 2

Earlier this week we started to explore tips on how to find the next property hot spot. Now we return with more tips in part 2: Track Retailers Movements Keep an eye on which retailers are moving in or out of an area.  Large corporations keep a close eye on local shopping habits so keeping track of whether they are...

Albion Riverside Day

Predicting the Next Hot Spot - Part 1

All home owners look for a solid investment, but whether purchasing for your primary residence, a buy-to-let or even if looking to expand your portfolio with multiple homes in one or many locations, it’s important to consider whether there is the potential for your property to make a good return. Recognising When & Why People Move Although house prices are...

A Touch of Luxury

Get The Look: Sleek Monochrome

When moving home, one of the first activities usually embarked upon is redecorating, - in order to put your own style stamp on the place and complete the transformation to making it yours. So, following the recent expansion of the furniture department at Harrods, we thought we’d set about showing you how to recreate this chic, monochrome bedroom that we...