The Lakes by Yoo

Design Your Own Holiday Home in the Cotswolds

Last week, Kasmira Jefford at reported on an exciting new residential opportunity offered by the innovative founders of The Lakes by Yoo.  She explains that The Lakes is an innovative concept to create a sprawling estate of contemporary, luxury homes that offer a weekend hideaway for London’s wealthiest who are keen to enjoy a piece of the country.   What Does It...

Property Check-List

Pre-Offer Check List for Properties

This week, property insurers Aviva released an interactive property guide to provide a check-list of what to look out for when going on viewings and what warnings signs to take into consideration before making any offers on a property. While the first viewing helps you check out the general presentation and how well your initial requirements are met, we suggest...

Mayfair Car Parking Spaces

Super Parking for Supercars

Last week The Daily Mail reported that Londoners can now park their supercars in the city’s most exclusive area of Park Lane, for just £2.30 a day.  This outstandingly good value day rate can be achieved by purchasing a leasehold space at The Mayfair Car Park in Park Lane.  Priced at £85,000, the spaces in W1 still work out considerably...

Berners Street, Fitzrovia

What Will £2million Buy You in Central London?

Increasingly the media are publishing details of record breaking pounds per square foot prices being achieved in the capital.  However, with supply of these exclusive abodes remaining limited and subject to new taxation requirements since the budget announcement in March, the benefits of properties priced at £2million and under – so below the recent taxation thresholds, is sparking the interest of...

Sloane Gardens

Maid-Up: Luxury Lettings

London’s Lettings market is truly diverse, and in the heart of the capital, expectations are perhaps at their highest.  It may come as little surprise then, that elite landlords are increasingly taking extra steps to surpass the desires of High Net Worth Individuals, resulting in rental properties coming to market supplying a host of beneficial extras – from bespoke cinema...

Moving Tips

Planning Your Move

You’ve found the house, the offer has been accepted and your next thoughts turn to organising the move.  This can be a daunting time, but careful preparation can help prevent it from becoming an overwhelming experience.  Get Organised Removal services can get booked up many weeks, if not months in advance, especially on weekends.  Therefore go online and shortlist some...