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Landmark London Addresses

We recently touched on the origins behind ‘London’s Golden Postcodes’ and now we thought we’d share some of these landmark addresses with you. One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge A luxurious collection of expertly designed apartments and duplexes can be found at this notable address.  Achieving record breaking prices per square foot, this has rapidly become one of the most sought after...

Beautiful Gardens and Terraces in London

Beautiful Garden Spaces in London

The start of Wimbledon tennis tournaments in June often symbolises the start of summer for many in the UK and thoughts turn to enjoying the great outdoors.  So this week we explore London properties offering beautiful outside spaces. At this property in NW8, the immaculate garden lawn could rival Wimbledon tennis standards, while the grounds also house an indoor swimming...

Argyll Road Holland Park

London’s Golden Postcodes

The phrase ‘golden postcodes’ is frequently seen in relation to London’s property market, and in our latest blog post, we try to explore and define what is meant by this popular news term. Since the beginnings of the recession in 2007, investors have kept a keen eye on London’s prime property market.  As stocks, shares and even the price of...

Kensington Exterior

How to Choose your London Property

Whether purchasing for an investment, for your prime residence, before embarking on the property search, it is first important to carefully review what you want from your property. Location Choosing the right location is of prime importance.  You’ll need to review and then prioritise your lifestyle choices.  Consider how suitable the commuting time is to your place of work.  Services...

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Restrictions on London’s Short Lets to be Lifted

Restrictive laws affecting London residents from offering short lets of up to three months are to be lifted according to the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles. Introduced in the 1970’s, Londoners have been prevented from offering short lets of less than three months, unless they first applied for and paid for Council planning permission, to do so.   Yet, in the...

Talay Sofa from the Amy Somerville Collection

An Interview with Furniture Designer: Amy Somerville

Recently the interior design team for The Studio at Harrods, met with furniture designer, Amy Somerville to learn her inspirations.   Here is some of what they found out… What made you decide to become a furniture designer? I adore the creative constraints of functionality, and trying to make something lasting and artistic without a large egotistical element. What is the...