Brazil's Leading Newspaper 'O Globo' Talks London House Prices with Harrods Estates

Harrods Estates were recently asked to comment on London's position within the world's most luxury real estate market, for Brazil's leading newspaper, O Globo.  Here we have the full interview between our Director, Shirley Humphrey and O Globo editor Karine Tavares... Karine: Is there a typical price for luxury properties in London, today?  Shirley: "There is a vast range of...

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Where the Wealthy Buy for Their Children in London

Harrods Estates regularly help parents from across the globe find suitable accomodation for their children to live in while studying in London.  We decided to explore the topic with Harrods Estates Director, Shirley Humphrey a little further to learn why this process is increasing and what the common requests tend to be. Shirley comments: "Wealthy parents and their children tend...

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Home Security Tips for Half-Term

During half term, your regular routine may change and it’s easy to forget to lock up properly if you have kids running in and out to play, or in their excitement to set off on a special trip you’ve planned for them.   At Christmas we explored tips on how to keep your home secure over the holidays but here we’ve...

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Chinese New Year 2014: Riding The Year Of The Horse

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we've invited Dr Michael Oon to explain what the year of the horse could have in store for us in 2014: The year of the Wood Horse rides into 2014 bringing the energy of a wild horse on fire galloping at speed that can be out of control if not subdued. This is fuelled by the...

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Protecting your Home from Flooding - Part 2

In our last blog we looked at some of the more basic measures to help protect against flooding.  But those at risk of higher flood waters, or regular deluge may want to consider more advanced measures.  Here we explore some of the Environmental Agency's recommendations and tips on flooding protections: Moderate Measures During floods, it’s not unusual for sewerage pipes to...

Protecting Your Home From Flooding

How to Protect your Property from Flooding – Part 1

The high demand for more homes means increasing numbers are being built on territories susceptible to flooding.   While surveys commissioned prior to the purchase of a property should highlight the level of risk your property may be at from flooding, it’s important to take this information and flood alerts in the weather forecasts seriously and explore what steps can be...