Kensington Exterior

Things to Consider when Buying a Property

Christmas traditionally interrupts the house hunting process, but now the New Year has arrived, your thoughts may well be returning to where you want to live in 2014.  But before you get started on your search, take a moment to review these key tips. Establishing Your Budget Before you do anything else, it’s crucial to learn what your budget is. ...

Moscow Road Bedroom

A Few Home Comforts

At this time of year, home furnishings can really add to a cosy, inviting atmosphere.  In this final post before Christmas, we share a few mood-lifting tips to help get your home ready for visitors. Seasonal Decorations Your tree may well have gone up by now, however there is still time to add a sprinkling of finishing touches to set...

The Urban Retreat Apartments Blue Accessories

Interior Trends: Beautiful Blue

Interior designers are tipping blue to be one of 2014’s key trends.  With its wide spectrum of shades from cool ice blue to dramatic turquoise, or rich regal shades of royal blue, it is easy to find one that suits the mood you are looking to create in your home. So, where to begin? Any decoration project requires some pre-planning. ...

One Hyde Park Lobby

A Tour of Knightsbridge’s Premier Developments

London experienced being the focal point for much of 2013’s property speculation, with commentators regularly discussing the relentless growth of central London’s property prices and continued ability to attract investors from across the globe. Developments have played a key part in this, bringing luxurious new designs to London, and with them followed international investors, increasingly from the far east, with...

Collier House Penthouse Terrace, view of Knightsbridge

Keeping your Property Secure over the Holidays

At this time of year, many people will travel to friends and relatives to enjoy festive events and visits.  In all the excitement, it could be easy to leave your property vulnerable to opportunist, or organised thieves.  However following a few simple steps can help increase your security and peace of mind. Check everything is locked and secure This may...

St Johns Wood Kitchen

Five Stylish Kitchen Ideas

With the New Year fast approaching, thoughts may be turning to clearing out the old and bringing in the new.  As the kitchen is often the heart of a family home, we’ve decided to explore some stylish kitchen ideas for inspiring new looks for 2014. Here we review five top styles: 1)      Classic Bright White White represents purity, so in...