Albion Riverside Day

A Guide to Battersea

When the American Embassy announced it was moving to a new location in Nine Elms in 2008, it marked a new era for the somewhat forgotten area of Battersea, found just south of the river. Since the announcement, the area has undergone a swathe of re-development and new investment, with a series of luxury waterfront residential developments springing up and a...

Parliament Buildings

Opportunities in the West End for Property Investors

House prices in London continue to climb to a record high, with greater increases each year than any other location in the UK. The sky-high demand for property in London means that specific areas in the West End that were once established as locations for shops and offices are being re-branded as residential addresses and regenerated to include more housing...

Lancelot Place Rooftop Views

Debates continue on likelihood of 'Housing Bubble'

Following the announcement from several different sources indicating that asking prices are now increasing to amounts higher than those before the recession, new debates are being sparked over whether another property bubble might be looming. The Office for National Statistics has published figures that show house values in England are now 0.9 per cent higher than they were at the market's previous...

Queensberry Place, Chelsea

Luxury Properties in Chelsea - New Highlights

Chelsea is one of the most attractive and in-demand locations for high-end property in the UK. Boasting a superb Thames-side location, it offers luxurious shops, boutiques and restaurants, Chelsea Football Club, easy access to the city and gorgeous tree-lined gardens and attractive neighbourhoods. Unsurprisingly, property in this millionaire's playground comes at a premium and the properties are renowned for their high-end...

Box Tree House, Imperial Wharf

Property temptations for Chelsea Footballers

The latest Chelsea Football Club signings have certainly caused a stir amongst lovers of the beautiful game and these latest stars have the salaries required to buy a permier property in their new 'home town'. If new striker Samuel Eto'o wants to live close to his training ground, then he might be interested in Box Tree House, at Imperial Wharf. On...


Chelsea Properties have access to great schools

Any parent will know that moving house with children can be a difficult business. Everything needs to be organised with military precision, from finding the time to look around potential properties to trying to pack boxes when your 'helpers' are around. But one of the major considerations for any parent who is considering a move is the quality of schools...