Questions to Ask When Buying a Property - Part 1

Always do your due diligence when buying a property. Here are five initial questions to get you started. 1. Establish the Seller's Position You will need to know whether or not the seller is genuine about selling. If you sense that the seller is in a rush to sell, there may be some flexibility on price. Look for any warning...


Fraudulent Mortgage Applications on the Rise

Research shows that a greater number of property buyers are falsifying their credit and employment histories to secure mortgages. In fact, the phenomenon of mortgage application fraud - an illegal activity - has risen by an estimated 9pc in the past year, according to figures from Experian. Amateur Fraudsters Breaking the Law The analysis found that the vast majority of...


How Neighbourly Disputes Can Dent Your House Value

Did you know that disputes with neighbours could slash the value of your home? Research shows that a surprisingly high number of people are heading to the courts to settle these types of disputes, with nearly 30pc of people over 50 having been involved in such cases. Almost 40pc of these clashes were related to issues such as arguments over...


Get Involved - The Chelsea Flower Show

The world's best-loved flower show is held in London's Chelsea annually and this year it's being held on the 21st to 25th May. This huge event is flooded with horticulturists, landscape gardeners, florists, interior designers and hobby gardeners, all of whom go to seek inspiration, see the glorious show gardens and get advice from the experts. Known as the gardening...


Prime London Flats now Averaging at 1Million GBP

London's prime property market continues to thrive and the average price of a flat within central London passed the 1million-pound mark in the first quarter of 2013. Some analysts are already discovering that the prices of the most prime properties in central London are rising by an incredible 383GBP daily. Overall, prices in the prime property sector rose by 2.3pc...

375 Kensington High Street Exterior Night

Area Guide: Kensington

Kensington is one of the most iconic areas of central London and home to some of the most expensive and desirable properties in the capital. Synonymous with Kensington Gardens, the famous High Street, Holland Park Opera and Portobello market, Kensington is as popular with tourists as it is with the high-net-worth individuals that reside there. Kensington High Street The eastern...