Low Rental Growth Anticipated in 2013

The rate of increase in British rents looks set to slow in 2013, as landlords invest heavily in their portfolios. Research shows that around 12pc of the original 'accidental' landlords are now planning to buy an additional property this year for investment purposes. The trend appears to be boosted by the fortunes of these landlords, who have found that renting...


London House Price Inflation Continues to Grow

High house prices in the capital and South East of England are bumping up the national average cost of British properties by almost 46,000GBP, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The results highlight just how much of a gulf now exists between property values across the UK and how elevated London properties have become...


Self-Employed People Grapple with Tough Mortgage Rules

Self-employed individuals hoping to get their foot on the property ladder are finding lending denied to them due to the toughest mortgage conditions in a generation. Banks are tightening their lending criteria to the extent that many self-employed people are struggling to get any kind of mortgage. And yet the number of people working for themselves is now at a...

Beaufort Gardens Lighting

Presenting Your Home for Sale - The Importance of Good Lighting

It's very easy to overlook the basics when dealing with a house for sale and yet it it's vital to ensure that your property is presented to its fullest potential when showing around viewers. Good lighting can be crucial to this. Many estate agents will try to organise viewings for certain properties at a particular time of day. This will...


Time to Extend? Planning Permission Rules to Be Relaxed

The government has announced plans to sweep away stifling bureaucracy and planning rules so that homes, offices, shops and industrial buildings can be extended without needing to consult the local authority. The move is being implemented in a bid to encourage loft extensions, conservatories and garage conversions, which will help the construction sector to grow and diversify. The hope is...


Older Borrowers Facing Mortgage Challenges

A rising number of older mortgage seekers are struggling to obtain finance, as choosy banks become ever more risk averse following the credit crunch. Brokers are relating instances of banks refusing to extend lending to a number of borrowers in their sixties, or even their fifties, if the loan is requested to extend beyond the traditional age of retirement. Additionally,...