A Guide to Living in Mayfair

There is no London district more famous for high-end properties than Mayfair and this hugely wealthy district is known worldwide for its gorgeous Georgian houses and association with fashionable lifestyles and the moneyed set and exclusive amenities. Mayfair is located in central London, directly within the City of Westminster. Moving in a clockwise direction, Mayfair is bordered by Oxford Street,...


Designing Your House to Sell

Many of our clients are looking at ways to make their homes as sales worthy as possible in the slower summer period. In prime property areas where competition is high, it makes sense to ensure that you realise the best possible price for your property. This is particularly true for residential properties in which the buyer is looking to make...

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London Property Experiences Strong Increase in Buyer Interest

A notable increase in buyer interest has been noted in London, with registrations of potential buyers up 45% in June compared to May and with an additional £25 million worth of residential property sales completing in Knightsbridge.   Demand certainly seems to be very active in this period, bucking the national trend. There is currently over £12 billion worth of...

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London Property Owners Benefit in the Long Term

London Property Owners Benefit in the Long Term Research by Barclays has discovered that getting on to the London property ladder rather than renting will save most people an average of nearly £200,000 in their lifetime. The report showed that the total cost of buying a property, paying off a mortgage and investing in maintenance and repairs totalled an average...

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Property Prices in London Continue to Rise

Property Prices in London Continue to Rise According to recent published figures, the prices of homes in London have surged upwards by as much as 10%. The residential property market in the city is one of the world's most dynamic, with the most luxurious properties being regarded as an investment safe haven. A range of factors have combined to consolidate...