The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation

In February 2015, Harrods proudly announced the start of an exciting new partnership with local charity, the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation.

Since 2008 the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation has raised more than £2million and provided support to over 80 charities in the borough.  They work tirelessly to raise awareness of the harsh contrasts of living that exist between the North and South of the borough and connect residents, schools and businesses with local charities and community groups.

How Harrods Will Help

Harrods is now a founding corporate partner of the K&C Foundation's volunteer programme, run in partnership with the Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea, through which Harrods employees can donate a 'Giving Back Day' of their time, to volunteer and lead the way in building a stronger community in our local area.  This might range from Harrods team challenges to specialist skill-sharing and mentoring.

When working together previously, Harrods volunteers have contributed time to the K&C Foundation to help spruce up artwork in dark walkways and bridges in the borough, brightening up the gardens of local nurseries and hospitals and decorating a community center.

Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer for a wide range of local charities through The K&C Foundation please contact

If you would like to donate to the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, visit their How to Donate web page here > or follow their latest fundraising events on Twitter by following @KandCfoundation


Together with our recent partnership with the NSPCC, Harrods now has both a local and a national focus for its charitable activities.

Find out more about The K&C Foundation here

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