History of Harrods Estates

At Harrods Estates our history is almost as colourful as that of the store itself.

The original Harrods Estates was established over 100 years ago and to this day continues to offer a comprehensive range of property services with the highest standards of customer care.

The House and Estate Agency was opened as a subsidiary company of Harrods Limited in 1897 tucked away behind Furnishings on the ground floor of the main Harrods building. Between 1904 and 1908 the ‘Auction, House, Estate and Valuation Offices’ moved three times to various locations within the store, expanding from a staff of two to 20.

Harrods Estates Offices, 1929 (copyright Harrods Ltd)
Harrods Estates Offices, 1929 (copyright Harrods Ltd)
In 1919 the head office of Harrods Estates moved across the road to Knightsbridge House, 62-64 Brompton Road, with its own Property Auction Hall above the offices.
Harrods Estates Office interior, 1922 (copyright Harrods Ltd)
Office interior, 1922 (copyright Harrods Ltd)
In 1937 a branch opened in Haslemere, Surrey (closed 1981), bringing the total number of staff to about 80. At various times there have also been branches in Manchester, Berkhamsted (closed 1974), Cheltenham (closed 1978), Monte Carlo and Le Touquet. 

Harrods Estates Monte Carlo Office circa 1940’s (copyright Harrods Ltd)
Harrods Estates Monte Carlo Office circa 1940’s (copyright Harrods Ltd)

In August 1944 the Harrods Estates Office received a direct hit from a V1 ‘doodlebug’ rocket, which completely demolished the building. However, nearly 300,000 packets of papers were retrieved from the rubble, and Harrods Estates continued trading in temporary accommodation in the Wholesale Office in Hans Crescent without missing a day of work. 

Brompton Road, 1944 (copyright Harrods Ltd)
Brompton Road, 1944 (copyright Harrods Ltd)

By 1952 the staff numbered around 76, and the Harrods Estates Office had departments for Town, Country and Business Premises, Property Auctions, Surveyors and Management, and Furniture Auctions and Valuations.
Harrods Estates Office – Hans Crescent, 1963 (copyright Harrods Ltd)
Harrods Estates Office – Hans Crescent, 1963 (copyright Harrods Ltd)

Over the next 35 years the office of Harrods Estates was to be found in Basil Street and Park Lane before eventually returning to the store.
The story comes full circle with Harrods Estates occupying Brompton Road only yards away from the original premises that it occupied in 1919. Providing Harrods Estates with a prime location directly opposite the store.
2005 - 2012
Due to natural expansion, Harrods Estates opened a second office at 61 Park Lane, Mayfair. This enabled Harrods Estates to expand the geographical area which it covers in order to include Mayfair, Marylebone, Regents Park, St Johns Wood and St James. 

Park Lane Office
Harrods Estates Office – Park Lane, 2013 (copyright Harrods Ltd)


Knightsbridge Office
Harrods Estates Office – Knightsbridge, 2013 (copyright Harrods Ltd)

2013 - Present
2013 has seen growth enjoyed within the Asset Management team, with the department not only moving to new head quarters in Hammersmith, but their first international office was opened in Paris, France.

Harrods Estates Asset Management
Harrods Estates Asset Management Office - Hammersmith, 2013 (copyright Harrods Ltd)




- Harrodian Gazette
- Report on the performance of the Estates Office (1985)
- Correspondence

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