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Welcome to Harrods Estates Mayfair Office

No London district is more famous for its high-end properties than Mayfair. This hugely wealthy district is known worldwide for its gorgeous Georgian houses, its exclusive boutiques and the fashionable lifestyle and amenities it offers its wealthy residents.

Mayfair is located in central London within the City of Westminster. Moving in a anti-clockwise direction, Mayfair is bordered by Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Green Park and Piccadilly and Regent Street.

The desirability of Mayfair can be traced right back to medieval times, when the lively May Fair fete took place there, with music, entertainment, food and drink. Locals looked on its unfavourably, though, and the fete was moved to London’s East End.

The newly named Mayfair rapidly began to be known for its Georgian mansions, which date back to the 1700s when the area was heavily developed. The residents of these homes have included numerous prime ministers and other notable figures from the worlds of politics, business and the arts. Many of the homes are owned by the Rothschild and Grosvenor families, although many of the freeholds belong to the Crown.

The Effect of the War
Although mainly a residential area, Mayfair experienced some heavy attacks during the Second World War. As offices throughout the city were destroyed, many of Mayfair’s mansions were converted into workspaces and remained so for decades. Now, a considerable number have become prime residences again, though the area also remains a prestigious address for companies and organisations.

A Desirable Location
Mayfair is renowned as an expensive area to live and socialise. It is filled with exclusive shops, restaurants, art galleries and bars. Notable attractions include the tailors of Savile Row, the Gagosian Gallery and the Royal Institution, which is one of the UK's best known institutes of science. There are also excellent spas and celebrated night-spots.

The area has excellent public transport and is very much favoured by people working in the financial district. It's also quite possible to walk to the main central London destinations, through the beautiful expanses of Green Park. This is one of the greatest attractions for those considering buying an apartment or house within the Mayfair postcodes.