Fashioned from Nature at the V&A

Fashion and Nature

Fashioned from Nature is the newest must-see exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Running until the 27th January 2019, it is the first UK exhibition to explore the complex relationship between fashion and nature and how the industry draws inspiration from it.  Starting in the 1600s the exhibition provokes visitors to question and think about the materials and source of their clothes, highlighted through fashionable dress, natural history specimens, new fabrics and dyeing processes.

Highlights of the exhibition include pieces throughout history up until modern day such as a waistcoat embellished with green leaves and animals manufactured between 1780 and 1789 as well as a 2017 Stella McCartney two-piece ensemble, decorated with wild horses.

Other highlights include stunning botanical embroidery and earrings made from birds of paradise focusing on the often complex and controversial relationship between nature and fashion. The exhibition will take visitors on a journey through centuries of fashion that have drawn inspiration from as well as plundered the natural world, through to the contemporary innovators who are directly addressing issues caused by the industry.

The fashion industry is waking up to its environmental impact and responsibility, though designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett have been concerned with sustainability for some time and feature in the show.

Tickets are available to purchase here.

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