A Day in the life of Harrods Estates Marketing Manager, Monica Rowe

Monica Rowe

This week we caught up with our Marketing Manager, Monica Rowe, as she runs us through a week in her working life.

Determined, considered and respectful is how Monica describes the culture at Harrods Estates - the brand she had a burning ambition to work for from a young age. “Being a Central London girl, my desire to work within the brand was brought about by fond childhood memories of shopping expeditions at the world-famous store. And, after 15 years expert experience in the luxury, residential property marketing sphere, Harrods Estates is certainly the pinnacle of my portfolio.” 

We talked to her to find out how why …

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

As a team, we begin our day running through any outstanding issues from the day before. We assess our projects, prioritising them and formulate a plan for the day ahead. We regularly meet with the sales and lettings team to ascertain their new property marketing requirements, or properties that require a bit of extra attention; whether that be through an advertising or PR campaign, an event or digital coverage. We work closely with our PR agency to gain press coverage and ensure all vendors and landlords are updated on all the marketing and press activity - all of which is in line with the Harrods Estates strategy and obtaining suitable collateral and a substantial media presence in keeping with the brand.

Are there any unusual client requests you’d like to share?

It would have to be a box in the Royal Albert Hall which requires a really bespoke marketing approach. Rather than focusing on standard property press, we brainstormed an ‘outside the box’ advertising campaign by shortlisting really focused print publications we knew potential buyers would actually refer to. This generated a number of genuine enquiries, and whilst they did not lead to a sale of the said box, one applicant went on to purchase a property from us!

What has been a highlight for you at Harrods Estates? 

Before joining Harrods Estates I predominantly worked for smaller organisations, so I’m constantly amazed by the machinethat is Harrods and the cogs of incredible talent and infrastructure within that framework.

What sets Harrods Estates apart, in your opinion?

It’s world famous and world class. We have a true understanding of what our clients require and we deliver the ultimate service levels, products and exceptional client care. We also offer many associated services such as Harrods Interiors which can aide clients on the next part of their journey, once they have purchased a property.

What inspires you? 


I am inspired by the many ways in which different global markets promote properties. In the UK, luxury property is marketed in a very understated and discrete way, whereas when you visit New York as an example, there is much more information readily available from the get-go! The marketing approach within each country or region epitomises the mood and personality of the said country. Marketing a domestic brand internationally is a healthy challenge, as you need to factor in what the brand stands for and who you are trying to appeal to.



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