A Day in the Life of Harrods Estates Director of New Developments, Simon Barry

Simon Barry

Q: Why did you choose to work for Harrods Estates?

Harrods Estates is more than just an estate agency, it is extremely professional and has a very friendly, self-motivational atmosphere. I have learnt so much from my time here especially with multi-tasking and the ability to listen to applicants, customers and anyone else who walks in through the door with complete openness. 

Q: What is a typical day at Harrods Estates?

I start the day by planning and reviewing objectives, checking property news, answering email enquiries and organising internal meetings. Communication is a vital part of my role and I make sure I have regular contact with customers on our databases as well as keeping in touch with current clients, whether that is through viewings or meetings. The team also spend time reviewing on-going marketing, PR, events and advertising campaigns to make sure we are on top of any enquiries and press requests whilst continually monitoring emails. 

Q: Have there been any unusual scenarios that you have experienced?

The most unusual scenario that I have experienced was selling an apartment to a Saudi gentleman who stopped at our marketing suite in Harrods. Whilst he was purchasing the apartment, his wife was casually trying on jeans in the Fashion Lab next door. It was a very unique situation that highlighted to me the difference in wealth that our clients possess and their attitude to big investments such as a home.

Q: What has been highlight of your Harrods Estates career thus far –

 Attending a Harrods sponsored dinner in Shanghai, is definitely up there in my highlights for working at Harrods Estates. I had the opportunity to create amazing contacts in the industry and beyond at the event, which truly cemented to me the power that the Harrods brand has globally. 

Q: What do you think sets Harrods Estates apart from other luxury property brands?

The good will from clients and applicants who expect to be treated with the same respect and care as customers in the Harrods store sets Harrods Estates apart as the relationship with our clients goes beyond expectation. I am extremely fortunate enough to be inspired by my work and the high quality of design and attention to detail in the best new prime London developments, which other property brands do not provide the opportunity to experience.





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