A Day in the Life of Harrods Estates New Developments Sales and Consultancy, Christian de Meillac


Q: Use three words to describe the culture at Harrods Estates?

Fast, focused and friendly are the perfect words to describe the office culture at Harrods Estates. 

Q: Describe a typical day in your role/ position? 

I prefer to keep my day structured and punctuated with coffee. Usually I start by going through emails from the previous evening and listing actions that need to be taken. (Coffee). I then focus on calls, emails to action and deal progressions as well as update all property details, speak to applicants and vendors. Usually an internal meeting takes place at this point in the day, followed by a quick lunch, freeing up the afternoon for viewings, instruction appointments and external meetings (with coffee).

Q: Have there been any unusual scenarios you have experienced (i.e. a special client request)?

My favourite unusual experience was when the team and I were showing a house where the developer was particularly proud of a bathtub which was portrayed as the “centrepiece of the bathroom”. The applicant we were showing around insisted on trying out the bathtub to see if it was comfortable and he proceeded to lay in it for a few minutes just to see if it “pleased his body shape”. Luckily the answer was yes, and it has forever stayed in my memory as the quirkiest showing to date.

Q: Why did you choose to work at Harrods Estates?

The reputation of Harrods is known world-wide to be of the highest quality & service. It was very appealing to me to have the ability to work for a firm that focuses on a bespoke offering in Prime Central London with a premium service.

Q: What has been highlight of your Harrods Estates career thus far –

Harrods Estates treats its employees very well and one of my favourite policies is that there is the opportunity to have your birthday off. Another highlight is the Harrods Christmas ball, which is a very grand and luxurious affair. It is a real treat to have a champagne reception in one of London’s finest hotels at such a beautiful time of year in London.

Q: Who/ what inspires you in the property industry?

London is a very aspirational place whilst being very dynamic and fast paced. If you blink you can miss something, and the property industry is no different from this pace of life.

Q: What critical skills have you developed at Harrods Estates through either experience or training?


Putting the customer first. Through Harrods Estates training and spending a lot of time in the store with my colleagues, you learn a level of service not often seen in the property industry. By learning how to understand our clients and customer’s needs we are able to go a bit further in terms of finding what the customer wants, offering the customer a tailored service in property and the adding value of endless options available at Harrods Estates.



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