Harrods Estates can help tenants looking for luxury properties to rent in London.  Now with three offices across the city's capital, each in prime locations - Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Kensington, our team of negotiators can help you to find the perfect luxury home - whether to accommodate: long lets, short lets, corporate tenants or luxury student lets. 

All clients looking to rent a luxury residence in London will be supported through each step of the lettings process.  We have linguists within our Middle East and Russian Desks who can provide further assistance. 

Tenant Requirements:

Identification: Original presentation of one or more of passport, national ID card, driving license, bank details and proof of address.  You will also be required to partake in and satisfy Right to Rent checks for all tenancies of properties in England, commencing on, or after 1st February 2016. This will also require a face-to-face meeting with each tenant aged 18+ to verify likeness and consistency of the supporting ID documents within 28 days prior to the tenancy commencing.

Referencing: Contact details for your current employer, a character reference and details of any current or previous landlords.  Additional materials may be required.

Deposit: Paid in advance as security, the sum is usually equal to four to six weeks rent, but may vary depending on circumstances. 

When the rental term expires, subject to there being no arrears or difference between the Check In and Check out Inventory, the deposit will be returned to the tenant.  Where a difference occurs, tenants are responsible for remedy.  This may include: the cost to repair or replace any damage caused, loss of furnishing and/or the cost of professional cleaning.  

Standard Fees:

We do not charge to register tenants, host viewings or for appointment time with any of our negotiators, however if you decided to progress with renting a property some standard fees will apply. Prices below are correct as of March 2016 but may be subject to change.  Harrods Estates is part of the Propertymark Client Money Protection scheme (Ref: C0014853)

Tenancy Agreement Fee:  A one off admin fee of £240 (inclusive of 20% VAT) required per property. 

Referencing Fee(s): All tenants looking to reside in the property aged 18 or over, or any/all guarantors, will have to pass an independent referencing process and Right to Rent checks, the fee for this is £42 (inclusive of 20% VAT) per person, or per company. 

Renewal Agreement Fee:  This will be detailed in your contract and applicable only if you choose to renew.  The price is currently £240 (inclusive of 20% VAT), valid from 16th March 2016.  

Inventory Fees: The Check-In and Make is paid for by the landlord.  The tenant is required to approve and sign at the start of the tenancy. The cost of the Inventory Check-Out is the responsibility of the tenant, along with the cost to remedy if there are any discrepancies between the two. 

Check Out Fees

Vary depending on the size of the property and the level of furnishing.  The below prices are provided as a guide.  The actual cost of your check out will be calculated at the time you give notice and may be greater or less than those provided below.

Studio Properties:

Unfurnished £102 (inclusive of 20% VAT).  Part Furnished £108 (inclusive of 20% VAT).  Furnished £120 (inclusive of 20% VAT)

1 Bed/1 Reception:

Unfurnished £138 (inclusive of 20% VAT).  Part Furnished £150 (inclusive of 20% VAT).  Furnished £162 (inclusive of 20% VAT).

2 Beds/1Reception:

Unfurnished £150 (inclusive of 20% VAT)  Part Furnished £162 (inclusive of 20% VAT).  Furnished £180 (inclusive of 20% VAT).

3 Beds/1Bath/2 Receptions:

Unfurnished £198 (inclusive of 20% VAT).  Part Furnished £210 (inclusive of 20% VAT)  Furnished £228 (inclusive of 20% VAT).

4 Beds/2 Bath/2 Receptions:

Unfurnished £216 (inclusive of 20% VAT).  Part Furnished £228 (inclusive of 20% VAT).  Furnished £252 (inclusive of 20% VAT).

5 Beds/2-3 Baths/2 Receptions:

Unfurnished £226 (inclusive of 20% VAT).  Part Furnished £240 (inclusive of 20% VAT).  Furnished £270 (inclusive of 20% VAT).

Prices include one bathroom and one en suite bathroom unless otherwise stated. Cellars, garages, utility rooms are not included in standard prices.

Potential Additional Inventory Fees:

Surplus fees may be required in certain circumstances, these are listed below.

  • Heavily furnished properties require additional inspection time and records, charged from £24 to £48 (inclusive of 20% VAT).
  • Periodic property inspections from £30 (inclusive of 20% VAT) per visit - depending on the agents requirements
  • Cancelled appointments (within 4 hours) will be charged at £54 (inclusive of 20% VAT).
  • Sunday/Bank Holiday £42 (inclusive of 20% VAT).
  • Properties within the congestion charge zone will be subject to an additional £12 charge per visit (inclusive of 20% VAT).
  • Additional rooms to be charged at £15 per room for an Inspection Make and £9 per room for a Check In/Out (each inclusive of 20% VAT).

VAT stands for Value Added Tax.   This page was last updated in March 2016.

Landlord Fees

For a breakdown of Landlord fees and charges, please visit our Landlord page here


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